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Client: Northwestern University department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Project: Call for Sponsors 

Creative: Donna Baiocchi & Ed Kaiser

Interviews: Donna Baiocchi

Production & Editing: Ed Kaiser

We received an email from a prior client: "Can you help put together a video to attract more sponsors? Call me."


"The process of working on projects for external clients is essential to the IEMS undergraduate curriculum. Each year we look for projects for students to work on in the fall, winter, and spring quarters. The students work on unstructured real-life business challenges."    The sponsoring companies gain the benefit of having smart, energetic Northwestern students using the latest techniques and thinking to solve business problems at no cost. 


After a brief conversation to explore their needs and their vision, this scenario looked ripe for going in a non-traditional approach in order to help the client reach their goals. We chose to go on-site with three different previous sponsors. Being on-site fostered more engagement during our conversations and brings the sponsor's environment to life for viewers. And who doesn't want to go to Wrigley Field and a spirits distillery on the same day?

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